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Log Cabin with a View with Drawing

Drawing: diagram for log cabin installation piece. Mixed media on brown pastel paper, 30" x 20".


The original proposal for Designers Saturday: Stuttgart was to construct an essentially American icon, a log cabin. This 10’x15’ house sits uninhabited and empty, save for a window which views a perpetually idyllic natural landscape.

Room installation recorded from 'Designers Saturday: Stuttgart, October 2002

One way of resolving the proposed 'Cabin with a View' — originally sited for out of doors, the situation changes to a conference room in an architects’ office. The materials are modified from a wood construction of a simple, essentially American dwelling, to a slide image of timber projected on the walls.


The environmental feeling of the cabin interior was enhanced with the use of mirrors. The window frames a painting of a lone view of mountains and stream — a desire for the rural within the confines of the city. Sound recording, 'Home on the Range' by Gene Autry, amplifies the American frontier spirit (a feeling I wanted to bring with me to the exhibition).

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