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Hat Fence

Proposal for “Welcoming Gate”

Photo Collage with color pencil


While researching for Children in the City, I observed that fences and portals around many City parks and gardens in New York obscured these inadequate green oases, making them unavailable for viewing and enjoying to passers-by. 


The gates were not welcoming. The portals are very small and dark, and do not invite passage entrance nor encourage participation, even during daylight hours. I played with the idea of creating fences with elements from earlier pieces.  This predilection for amusement hopefully transformed a commonplace menacing barrier. This fence design for my neighborhood building is theoretical. I also designed a City Park with a Farm Theme that has a metal fence edged with iron corn. 


This theme of obscuring the impediment and welcoming the hurried urban dweller is recurrent in my Creating Urban Oases project.

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